Are you mental? Chats about my Estonia Running trip

In preparation for my Estonia running trip here’s a little insight into the typical conversations I’ve had over the last few weeks with pretty much ANYONE I’ve spoken to about what I’m doing.

So what exactly are you doing?

I’m off to run halfway across Estonia – 170km in 7 days.


I don’t think so….I just wanted to see the country in a slightly different way and add a bit of a challenge into my holiday.

HOLIDAY?? You’re calling this a holiday? Please be aware that the words running and holiday should NEVER be in the same sentence. It’s an actual rule.

Fair point.

So is this part of an organised thing?

Nope, it’ll just be me, some forest and lots of Estonian bogs.

Won’t that be dangerous?

No more dangerous than walking around London at night I’m sure…in fact probably a lot safer.

Although are there bears in Estonia?????

*Quick google*.


OHMYGOD Estonia has one of the densest populations of bears in Northern Europe.

Bear watching


I’d like to refer you to my previous question, are you mental?

It’s not been clinically proven.

So, what made you decide to do this?

Lots of reasons really:

  • I’d never been to Estonia, so it was on the list. I found this website – showing a long distance hiking route and thought it looked quite interesting.
  • And then I’ve been far too exposed to awesome ladies who are doing crazy solo running adventures and I thought it was worth trying myself – see Elise Downing, Anna McNuff, Laura Maisey
Righttt…well those people look even more crazy than you

I know right? I’m not even running the WHOLE of Estonia!!

So, what are you bringing?

I’m pleased you asked. I’ve actually prepared a lovely video which shows you everything from my tent to my toothbrush:

Sounds insane….

If you say so….right I need to go and pack my final bits and bobs and get a plane.

2 thoughts on “Are you mental? Chats about my Estonia Running trip

  1. Laura Maisey

    I didn’t know about this trip! So exciting! This is going to be so great 🙂

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